6 Best Bassinet for Small Space [ Updated 2020 ]

by | Last updated: Mar 10, 2020

Just moved into that apartment and it’s quite small? 

Or your present home doesn’t have enough space to house a mega-sized bassinet to meet all your child’s needs?

The good news is you don’t have to change your apartment or break the bank to get a suitable bassinet for small spaces.

As your baby’s comfort and space problems in your home is a significant concern to us.

A bassinet is structured to give a cozy feeling, quite synonymous to the feeling your baby’s experiences when he/she was still in your womb.

So, we filter out bassinets by considered a lot about your baby’s comfort and your apartment’s size before penning down this article.

We implore you to read on, so you can make a suitable choice of the best bassinets for your small spaces.

List of the Top 6 Best Bassinet for Small Space

Finding a small size and suitable bassinet is not a difficult task if you know the actual size of the bassinet.

Here, we will be highlighting only the main features of the bassinets. But if you want, you can read our full review of each bassinet separately too.

1.) Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Small Room:-

The Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is the smallest bassinet on our list, Its size is just 33 L x 17 W x 45 W Inches. It’s a perfect and suitable bassinet for parents who are living in a small apartment or living in a small house.

Delta bassinets are tested and trusted by millions of families around the globe, and it also gets #5 on our best JPMA certified bassinet list too.

It provides a sense of security for your baby and as well, is stylish.

This bassinet can hold up to 15lbs, which means you can use it up to the first 6 months of the baby.

It’s small in size, lightweight and comes with swivel casters that make it very portable; hence, it enables easy room-to-room mobility.

Even its size is small, but it offers two large compartments underneath that helps you to keep your baby’s essentials near your baby.

Don’t forget about its tiny mobile device on the side of the bassinet.

This mobile device generates soft music that will soothe your baby and calming night light that helps calm babies, even when they are fussy.

To protect your baby’s eyes from high-intensity light, it comes with a removable/adjustable canopy.

There is also a Deluxe version of the bassinet that is available in the market, that offers more high-quality fabric as compared to the above one, but its little hire higher.

The only difference between both of these bassinets is, it offers a side-to-side rocking motion.

These soothing rocking features provide all the right requirements to send the signal to your little prince or princess that it is time to relax and sleep.

The best thing about this bassinet is it’s affordable. You can check the latest price of the Delta bassinet here, but if you want more affordable bassinet then check our list of the bassinet under $50

2.) Evenflo Loft Portable Small Size Bassinet:-

The Evenflo Loft is one of the second-best bassinets on our list. Its quality material and electronic mobile device make it perfect and usable bassinet for baby.

The size of this bassinet is 33.8 x 20.5 x 26.8 inches almost the same as compared to Delta bassinet on the only difference in the height. The height of this bassinet is small as compared to the Delta because this bassinet does not offer a canopy & Storage underneath.

The fabrics are soft enough to keep your baby comfortable and make him/her feel at home. The mesh on the sides makes it breathable, and it provides quality visibility and ventilation.

Note: If you want more cozy and ventilated space, then I recommend to go with BABY JOY Rocking Bassinet.  The price of the bassinet is a little higher, but it offers a more comfortable sleeping environment for babies.

The thing that to make Evenflo Loft little better than the above one is its folding mechanism.

You can fold this bassinet and place it under the bed if you don’t need it. This thing helps you a lot if you are living in a small space.

The weight of this bassinet is just 10lbs that make it easy to pick and move but, does not offer wheel as you get in the delta bassinet.

The feature I love the most is its electronic mobile device. You can connect this tiny mobile with your phone Bluetooth that can enable you to play your child’s favourite lullabies or nature sounds.

Not only this bassinet offer sound feature but also come built-in nightlight and a room temperature monitor that can help you create the most favourable atmosphere to lull your baby to sleep.

Want to explore more hidden features of this bassinet, check our Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet Reviews.

If you are searching for the best bang for your buck on Evenflo loft bassinet, then click on the link for an unbeatable price.

3.) Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood Bassinet:-

This bassinet is got #2 on our list of Best Bassinet for Small Space because of its seemingly unique foldable feature and quality. Its frame is totally made up of wood and the rest of the think with fabric, that makes it’s very easy to clean.

Just remove the fabric, add it into the washing machine, and it’s over. Need help to clean bassinet, check this how to clean a bassinet.

Now, let’s talk about its other features, its size is 38 x 21 x 41 inches, which means it’s just a little larger than the above one.

Its folding and lightweight frame makes it very mobile, which means you can have your bassinet set up wherever and still not occupy too much space.

This bassinet consists of two modes which are, the rocking mode which allows your baby to sleep comfortably, and the stationary mode can be activated when your baby is soundly asleep.

The Fabric around the bassinet allows a mild penetration of light in the environment, which creates a serene feeling for your baby.

Furthermore, it makes provision for airflow creating a relaxed and comfortable space to sleep soundly, which means no more sleepless nights or diverted attention at work, as you can have this bassinet everywhere you go.

So, what are you waiting for, just click the link and gift your baby a peaceful sleeping environment?

4.) Primo Cocoon Folding Space Saving Bassinet:-

As from its name, this bassinet is suitable for parents who travel a lot. It’s easy to fold feature make it travel-friendly, and its Protective Mesh Canopy makes your bassinet mosquito/bug-free, it does not matter where you are.

The bassinet looks large in size, but in actual, it’s just 34″ L x 17.5″ W x 35″ H in size. It provides your baby with a soft, soothing, and safe place to sleep, at home and doesn’t consume a lot of space.

The Cocoon is very easy to set up and set down anywhere in less than two minutes.

It also comes with a travel bag that makes it very easy to take anywhere conveniently.

Note: But this bassinet you can’t use in a flight, there is some particular bassinet available in the market that you can use in-flight, check our list of the bassinet for travel in flight.

It has a tender fabric, a washable mattress, and a breathable mesh, these all come together to create a perfect environment for your little angel to conveniently rest.

There is not a lot of other bassinets that offers full-size canopy to protect the baby from a mosquito and bugs.

But if you love to travel and want small size bassinet then Dream on Me Kelley is another good bassinet. You can read our dream on me Karley bassinet’s review to explore its features.

Overall, this is an excellent deal for a highly functional and practical bassinet, You can buy this bassinet now from our verified seller to save some money.

5.) Green Frog Baby Small Size Bassinet:-

The Green Frog gets #4 on our list of Best Bassinet for Small Space, due to its rocking feature, No other bassinet on this list can use as a rocker too.

This is the only bassinet that generates a rocking motion when someone push/pull it.

If you’re out there looking for a bassinet that can stand the test of time look no further, as this Bassinet is the right choice for your baby.

The size of this bassinet is 35.5 x 5 x 25.1 inches and its Snap-On aluminum legs, with rockers that also glide on the wheels that are inbuilt.

The good thing about this bassinet is, all the fabric is easy to remove you can remove the fabric and add it into the washing machine that makes your cleaning process very easy.

The only negative thing about this bassinet is, it does not come with Storage.

But, Its Snap-On legs help you to fold it easily and its carry bag, come make it portable and travel-friendly

The Premium quality mattress and sheet come with this bassinet provide a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment for baby.

So, what are you waiting for, just click the link and gift your baby a peaceful sleeping environment?

6.) Simmons Kids By-The-Bed City Small Space:-

This bassinet looks large in size near about 31 x 19.5 x 41.5 inches, but it is designed to take minimum space in the room. Unlike another normal bassinet, it does not occupy a large space in the room, where you place it.

Its slim base with wheel helps you to easily move its base under the bed, that help you to save a lot of space.

We can say, this is a multi-feature, bassinet because we can use it as a normal bassinet or as bedside sleeper or as a co-sleeper and as a bassinet for the c section mom

Also, Co-sleeping is also good for your baby’s healthy development. You can read its benefit of co-sleeping with baby, that makes you think again for co-sleeper.

Its adjustable leg helps you to set the height of the bassinet according to your bed so that you see your baby from laying on the bed.

You can easily reach in and get your baby in and out and this, in turn, gives you that cozy feeling of closeness with your newborn baby.

Don’t worry about the weight limit this bassinet can hold up to 15lbs easily, but if your baby is healthy then you can try another bassinet that can hold the heavy baby

Simmons Kids bassinet is also good for breastfeeding, and from my experience with it, you can use it for reflux baby by just rising the one side of the bassinet.

Note: There is some particular design incline bassinet for reflux available in the market the help your baby in acid reflux

Overall, this is an excellent deal for a highly functional and practical bassinet, You can buy this bassinet now from our verified seller to save some money.

I hope you have found this information useful and this “best Bassinet for small space” guide will help you in making a valuable decision.

What Do We Recommend?

Well, it truly depends upon you because no one knows you better than you. But if you still ask me, then I recommend going with Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet our #1 product.

The bassinet is made with a premium quality material and a small in size and doesn’t occupy ample space in your room which is your primary concern.

The second one is Simmons Kids by The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet, the best bassinet if you are a lazy mom like me.

I don’t want to wake up at night to leave my bed just to feed my baby again and again. Lol…

You can use this bassinet in a lot of ways, as I already told you. But I love to use it as co-sleeper. Sharing my bed with my baby without actually laying placing my baby on it.

This thing makes it your baby safe, and you don’t need to worry about any issue.

Now, it’s your turn, let me know which small size bassinet you are going to buy and which bassinet you like the best on our list of best Bassinet for small space.

Don’t forget to share this article too, as there might be a distressed parent out there that needs to see this.


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